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Westmore News - "P.C. teens and police learn to get along" by Claire K. Racine - DOWNLOAD
Long Island Newsday - "A way to ease tension between cops, youth" by Peter Goldmark - DOWNLOAD
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Boston Herald - "Cops reach out to teens in Franklin Field project'" by Peter Gelzinis - DOWNLOAD
The Police Chief Magazine - "Policing Cities: Reducing Violence and Building Communities" by Frank Straub - DOWNLOAD
The New York Times - "In a Room, Police and Youths Talk, and Maybe See Their Similarities" by Fernanda Santos - DOWNLOAD
 Dorchester Reporter- "Program connects cops with at-risk teens" by Jackie Gentile - DOWNLOAD
Providence Journal - "Police and kids join forces in Providence" by Jay Paris & Paul Lewis - DOWNLOAD
Port Chester Westmore News - "New P.C. police initiative targets at-risk youth" by Alissa Figueroa - DOWNLOAD
Indianapolis Star - "Program Tears Down Walls Between Inner-city Teens, Cops" by John Tuohy - DOWNLOAD