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YPI - Build a YPI Team

YPI: build a YPI team

Youth Link offers and recommends a train-the-trainer approach to building a local capacity for facilitation of YPI. This allows a community to transform the issue of trust in the law among at-risk youth and their families while reducing delinquency and violence among teenagers in impoverished neighborhoods. The T-the-T process usually begins by certifying a cadre of six YPI trainers from among community–based partners and police officers. Each candidate receives a day of orientation, customized manuals, individual critiques, between four and six hours of individual coaching, group debriefing and final award ceremony. Four rounds of YPI are achieved, engaging over 100 youth and police in the model through the training process. The training process lasts for one-year and trainers can lead YPI groups independently with the off-site supervision of a NAFI Master Trainer.